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ETCR030D1DC Clamp Current Sensor
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ETCR030D1DC Clamp Current Sensor ETCR030D1 ETCR

Clamp CT: 25*30mm, Range:0.0mA~100mA (DC), Resolution 1mA, Power supply: 9VDC, output:0~2.5mV/1mA,Accuracy: 1%, Double shielding, anti-jamming capability,suitable for DC leakage current test.

ETCR030D1DC Clamp Current Sensor
ETCR030D1DC Clamp Current Sensor
. Introduction
ETCR030D Clamp DC Current Sensor use permalloy magnetic cores, with small size, high accuracy, good stability, strong anti-interference ability characteristics. It is applied with double shield technology, which insure strong anti-interference ability.
ETCR030D Clamp DC Current Sensor is widely applied in AC current leakage, current, power and energy measurement with high precision and small phase error of electricity, communications, meteorology, railway, oilfield, construction, measurement, scientific and research teaching unit, industrial and mining enterprises, which can be connected to a variety of high precision digital multi-meter and data recorder.
. Technical Specifications
Function Measurement of DC current, DC leakage current
Test mode Clamp CT
Power Supply 9V DC±1VDC
Rated Power 20mA max
Clamp Size 25mm×30mm
Range 0.0mA -100mA DC
Resolution 0.1mA DC
Accuracy ±1.0%FS(23℃±2℃, below 70%RH, keep the wire be in the center of clamp)
Coils Turn 1: 800
Signal Output 0~2.5mV/1mA
Output Interface Red wire: positive power input; Yellow wire: ground; White wire: positive signal output
Output Wire Length 2m
Geomagnetic interference About 3mA
Measured Wire Position Approximately in the geometric center of the clamp
Line Voltage Under 600V DC measurement
Dimension 115mm×70mm×33mm
Weight 180g
Working Environment -15℃-45℃; below 80%rh
Storage Environment -10℃-60℃; below 70%rh
Insulation Strength AC3700V/rms (between core and shell)
Safety Rules IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution degree 2, CAT Ⅲ(600V)

 . Structure drawing

ETCR030D1 high-precision clamp DC leakage current sensor

1. Positive signal voltage output (yellow wire)                  2. Ground (Bare line)    

3. Positive power input (red wire)                                    4. Output wire (2m)      

5. Trigger (open and close the clamp)                             6. Clamp   

7. DC current positive input indicator                             8. Power indicator

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