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ETCR025K Split Type High Accuracy
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ETCR025K Split Type High Accuracy ETCR025K ETCR

Split CT Clamp:Φ25 mm, Range:0.00mA~ 60(AC), Resolution: 1uA, Accuracy 1%, Current induction output, Direct Coil tap, Four shielding, anti-jamming capability, suitable for leakage current, small current test.

ETCR025K Split Type High Accuracy
ETCR025K Split Type High Accuracy


ETCR025 Split Type High Accuracy Leakage current Sensoris used for measurement of high accuracy AC current, leakage current, high order harmonic current, phase, power energy, power, power factor. Adopt the latest CT technology. It is portable, large clamp design, no need to disconnect the measured circuits, non-contact, safe and fast. It can be connected with phase detection analyzer, industrial control equipment, data recorder, oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer, electric power quality analyzer, high precision digital multi-meter, etc. Widely applied in electricity, communication, meteorology, railway, oilfield, construction, measurement, scientific and research teaching unit, industrial and mining enterprises.
ETCR025 Split Type High Accuracy Leakage current Sensor’score is made of special alloy, adopt the double magnetic shielding techniques, can almost shield the influence from external magnetic field, to ensure the high precision, high stability and high reliability of perennial uninterrupted measurement.

.Technical Specifications 
Measurement of AC current, leakage current, high order harmonic current, phase, power energy, power, power factor
Test mode
Split Type CT
CT Size
Φ25mm(available for line $25mm)
0.00mA~60A (AC)
0.01mA (AC)
±1.0%FS(23℃±2℃, below 70%RH, keep the wire be in the center of clamp)
Coils Turn
Standard 800:1(Customize is allowed)
Phase Error
≤2℃(50Hz/60Hz; 23℃±2℃)
Reference Load
RL: 0~600mA≤100ohm; 0-6A≤10ohm; 0-60A≤1ohm;
Output Mode
Current induction output(Take the voltage can be an external load resistance (RL)
Output Interface
3.5mm audio plug(tail plug, banana pin, or BNC pin)
Output Wire Length
2m(Customize is allowed),2 core shielded wire
Electric Field Interference
About 5mA when the external electric field 100A, 10mm nearby
Measured Wire Position
Approximately in the center of the closed core
Current Frequency
45HZ-60Hz(when measuring big current)
Frequency Feature
Voltage of circuit
Below AC 600V
About 200g
Working Environment
-20℃ ~ 50℃; below 80%rh
Storage Environment
-10℃ ~60℃; below 70%rh
Insulation Strength
AC 2KV/rms.(between the core and shell)
Safety Rules
IEC1010-1,IEC1010-2-032,Pollution degree:2 CAT Ⅲ(600V)


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