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ETCR2800C-Multifunction Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester
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ETCR2800C-Multifunction Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester ETCR2800C ETCR

Return Connection Resistance Online Testing, Grounding Conditions Online Monitoring. Detector adopts non-contact measuring technique, safe and reliable, ease of installation. 1. Perforation size: 60mm×30mm. 2. Resistance range: 0.01Ω-200Ω. 3. Appoint with RS485 communication interface,provide standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol. 4. LCD display,warning function.

ETCR2800C-Multifunction Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester
ETCR2800C-Multifunction Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester
I. Brief Introduction
        ETCR2800C Multifunction Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester is our company devotes ourselves to Grounding resistance test technical research’s another new high-tech product for more than ten years. Detector adopts weather fastness material manufacture, temperature resistance, cold-resistant, corrosion prevention, fire prevention. Detector’s structure is rigorous and firm, against rain, dustproof, installation and use outdoors. Non-contact measurement, safe and reliable, Ease of installation. Grounding down lead is directly through the detector perforation, Will not affect lightning protection grounding effect and the normal operation of the facilities. Ensure high-accuracy, high stability and high reliability of long time on-line monitoring outdoors, underground mine and indoors.
       ETCR2800C Multifunction Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester is equipped with LCD display and alarm light, which can observe grounding resistance value at any times and set the alarm critical val. Alarm light will flash when measured value is beyond pre-set critical value. Detector applies to electric transmission line pole ground connection, underground mine device ground connection, meteorological lightning protection grounding connection, petrochemical engineering ground connection, communication ground connection, rail facility ground connection, building the warehouse ground connection, electrical equipment ground connection etc.. Detector provides power supply and RS485 signal interface, and standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol,which user can do secondary development to realize remote monitoring.
       ETCR2800C’s LCD shows measured value directly, also sets up Detector’s alarm critical value, and possess audible and visual alarming function, which is very suitable to Independent installation and use when it needn’t form a network.

II. Technical Specifications
Return circuit ground resistance, metallic return connection resistance, grounding conditions on-line monitoring
Power Supply
6VDC~9VDC, 50mA Max.
Resistance Range
Display Range
±2%rdg±3dgt(20℃±5℃, below70%RH)
Grounding Wire Perforation Size
60mm×30mm, closed mode (60mm×4mm steel flat or external diameterФ30mm electric cable)
Overflow Indication
When show value is beyond 500Ω, systems software and LCD show “OLΩ” sign.
Connecting Line
A one meter long wire (5cores shielded wire)
Connection Identifier
Red/brown---power supply input anode;
Black--- power supply input cathode.
Blue---RS485 signal anode;
Grey---RS485 signal cathode;
White--- analog grounding (power supply input cathode can connects with analog grounding by short circuit connection)
Communication Protocol
RS485 standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
Alarm Indication
Detector Audible and visual alarm instructions
Alarm Setting
Detector panel setting
Data Display
4digits LCD direct indication
LCD Dimensions
Detector Dimensions
Installing Screw Hole Size
Detector: 960g
Working Temperature and Humidity
-10℃~ 45℃; 20%RH ~ 90%RH
Humiture Error
Within 5%
Automatic shift
GND Interference Current
External Magnetic Field
External Electric Field
Single Measurement Of Time
About 0.5 second
Power Consumption
50mA Max.
Grounding wire through Detector centre bore
Level Of Protection
Installation Requirements
Avoid rain and water logging
Power Supply Mode
External power supply (Equipped by user)

III. The Application of Figure


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