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ETCR001F Flexible coil current sensor (Integrator)
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ETCR001F Flexible coil current sensor (Integrator) ETCR001F ETCR

Flexible CT; Φ100mm/Φ200mm/Φ300mm; AC 0~10000A; Resolution: 0.1A; Accuracy:±1.0%FS Measure AC big current, high harmonic currents, complex Waveforms current, inrush transient current,Phase, electric energy, power, power factor . Suitable for narrow cable-intensive environments and other places, and measurethe large size or irregularly shaped conductor current.

ETCR001F Flexible coil current sensor (Integrator)
ETCR001F Flexible coil current sensor (Integrator)

. Brief

ETCR001F Flexible coil current sensor (Integrator), Rockwell coil Current Sensor, using advanced Roche technology, is a non-ferromagnetic material in the uniform winding of the coil, no hysteresis effect, almost zero phase error, non-magnetic saturation phenomenon, high linearity. The flexible coil is the derivative of the current to time. The integrator integrates the output voltage signal (0 ~ 1V), realizes the measured current and outputs the complete signal waveform. The measuring current range from 0.1A to tens of thousands amperes. Mainly used for current, high harmonic current (up to 400 times), complex waveform current, transient impact current, phase, power, power, power factor detection. Equipped with integrator can be more easily integrated into other test equipment, such as power quality analyzer, harmonic analyzer, power parameter recorder, phase detection analyzer, industrial control devices, oscilloscopes, high-precision digital multimeter, transient Impact recorder, distributed measurement system, protection system.

ETCR001F Flexible coil current sensor (Integrator), Coil part without any exposed metal conductor, non-contact measurement, safe and reliable; Its small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, soft and flexible, suitable for narrow environments and cable-intensive places; Wide measurement range, high accuracy, high reliability, response frequency bandwidth (0.1Hz-1MHz), the user can customize the length of the coil. Widely used in electricity, communications, meteorology, railways, oil fields, construction, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields. Particularly suitable for relay protection, SCR rectifier, frequency control, semiconductor switches, power electronic conversion equipment,  welding and other serious signal distortion of the industrial environment.

. Range

Range (AC)

Output Voltage

Coil size










Technical Specification 


AC current, high harmonic current, complex waveform current, transient inrush current, starting current, phase, power, power, power factor detection

Coil thickness

φ7.5mm(Suitable for narrow environments and cable-intensive places)

power supply

6F22 9VDC Zinc-manganese dry batteries (external power supply)

Coil length

315mm /650mm/1000mm(Optional)

Coil diameter

φ100mm /φ200mm/φ300mm(Optional)


AC 300A/3000A/6000A/10000A(Optional)

Signal output

AC 0~1V



Accuracy l

±1%FS (50Hz/60Hz;23±2,Below 70%RH, the wire is in the center of the coil)

Phase error


Output Interface

3.5mmAudio frequency plug/BNC plug (Optional)

Output cable length


Electric field interference

No hysteresis effect, no external electric field interference

Cable position

The cable in the center of the coil and the position error affects ≤±0.5% FS

Current frequency

45Hz~70Hz (Measured current frequency)

Response frequency


Line voltage

Below AC 600V



Integrator size


Working temperature and humidity

-20~50; Below 80%rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-10~60; Below 70%rh


AC 2000V/rms( both end of the unlocked coil)

Safety regulations

IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution degree 2, CAT 600V

 Structure Drawing


1.    Integrator signal output

2.    Integrator signal ground (shorted shielded)

3.    Shielded ground

4.    The integrator signal outputs (audio plug)

5.    Integrator power indicator

6.    Integrator battery voltage low indicator light

7.    Power / gear switch

8.    Integrator

9.    Flexible coil interface

10.  Flexible coil

11.  Lock (front and rear rotation can lock or open the coil)

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