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ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio tester
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ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio tester ETCR9500C ETCR

Below 60KV, First and secondary loop current, variable ratio, phase, polar, ratio difference, angle difference and current leakage online test of Hi/Lo Voltage current transformer; first range: 0.0mA~1000A; secondary range: 0.00mA~10A; Transformation ratios: 1:10 million; wireless transmission distance: 20m; length of insulation rod: 1mX5 pieces; data memory: 1500 sets.

ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio tester
ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio tester


ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio tester is a core technological product under the long-term strategy of professional detecting techniques research on electric power instruments developed by ETCR, which is specific for the on-line measurement and detection for primary and secondary current, transformation ratio, error, phase (group) angle difference, polarity, phase sequence, and leaker in the high & low voltage current transformer and the voltage transformers in distribution system under 70KV (such as 10kV or 35kV ), and is composed of high voltage detector, three-channel low-voltage secondary current clamps, controller, high-voltage insulating rods, monitoring software, communication link, etc. it adopts the wireless transmission signal that is capable of penetrating wall obstacles with a direct-line transmission distance of about30m.  ETCR9500Ctester is widely applicable to the current detection, abstracting-proof of electricity and field operations of transformer substations, power plants, electrical power inspection departments, industrial and mining enterprises, inspection station, and electrical maintenance departments.

Current clamp: it adopts the special alloy, the latest CT technology, and the double shielding technology for a high accuracy, stability, and reliability during continuous monitoring in the entire year. 

controller: it displays four sets of current signals, CT ratio, phase angle difference , and polarity visually in one screen simultaneously, which memory can store 1,500 sets of data; it is available to set the auto-save interval time to monitor leaker.

HV detector breaks the traditional structure with an automatic opening and closing functions, it is easy to clamp or release measured wire by pressing or pulling back insulating rods,   with the advantages of safety and time-saving. The lightweight insulating rod is characterized by thermo stability, moisture-proof, strong shock resistance & bending resistance high-insulation, high flexibility and so on.

Monitoring Software: Functions such as real-time monitoring, historical data search, accessing, browsing, saving, and printing data available; dynamic display;

ETCR9500Cratio tester integrates the functions of single-channel  wireless HV CT tester, HV & LV clamp current meter, HA current remote sensor, HA leaker tester, High accuracy clamp leaker meter, phase detector,  three-channel leaker recorder ,etc.

II.Technical Specifications


The on-line measurement and detection for primary and secondary current, transformation ratio, error, phase (group) difference, polarity, phase sequence, and leaker in the three-channel high & low voltage current transformer and the voltage transformers

Power supply

HV DetectorDC6V alkaline batteries (1.5V AAA × 4)

Controller: DC6V alkaline batteries (1.5V AAA × 4)

30-hour continuous operation available

Test mode

Clamp CT,HV 1CT,LV 3 CT double- shield

Transmission mode

High-pressure tested data transmitted through wireless network, with a linear transmission distance of20m;


HV detector 1st: 0.1mA ~1000A

LV current clamp 2nd: 0.01mA ~10A


HV detector: 0.1mA; LV current clamp: 0.01mA

Primary circuit test accuracy

(23 ± 3 , below70% RH)

0.0mA9.99A ±1%±5dgt 

10.0A49.9A ±2%±5dgt 


200A600A   ±4%±5dgt   

601A1000A  ±5%±5dgt  

Secondary circuit test accuracy

0.00mA10A ±1%±5dgt (three-channel being displayed in one screen)   (23℃±3℃less than 70%RH)

CT ratio

Three kinds of transformation ratio indications :

(1)convert the transformation ratio based on the adjustable basic value of5Afor secondary circuit current; (2)convert the transformation ratio based on 10kV-YY of 10kV/380V, that means 1st means the current of the line under 380V, 2nd means the secondary circuit current of CT under the 380V, and then calculate the ratio between the 10KV line and the secondary circuit;

(3)the measured current ratio can be calculated by the measured CT ratio between the primary and secondary circuit)

Reference Range

Reference range of transformation:0.00A~99.99A, the default secondary circuit  current is transformed to5A;

Range of Ratio error


0.0% ~ 9.9%, the error between the measured CT ratio and the preset CT ratio

Range ofCT ratio


Range of Ratio error

0.0% 9.9%, the controller can sound a alarm of “beep - beep – beep” if the measured value is more than the preset error.

Phase polarity

Symbol  indicated for in-phase positive polarity

Symbol  indicated for in-phase negative polarity

Indication of Phase Sequence

Cursor in clockwise rotation and “Positive Phase”  indicated for positive phase sequence

Cursor in counterclockwise rotation andNegative Phase”  indicated for negative phase sequence

Indication of Error

Symbol “Error” indicated if  the tester can’t identify the phases, polarity,  and phase sequence properly;

Data Storage

1500 sets of dada memory; press the Left arrow key to select data, and to save and auto-number the selected data (the good condition of data available under power-down or battery replacement)

Automatic  Recording Interval Time

From 00 minutes to 99 minutes, the tester stops automatic record if being set to 00 minutes; the principal machine doesn’t shut down automatically if being set from 01 minutes to 99 minutes.

Sampling rate

3 times / sec


Full-automatic shift 



:W78mm× H165mm× T42mm;

HV detector: W76mm× H255mm× T31mm;

LV current clamp: W70mm× H115mm× T38mm;

Clamp Size

HV detector clamp: φ48mm

LV current clamp:25mm×30mm


Less than 70kV voltage for line test(operation by being connected to 5 insolating rods required)

Display Mode

LCD: 128dots × 64dots;

backlight available for dark areas

LCD Size:

44mm ×27mm;

Data Retention

Press the Left arrow key to retain the data ; press the Left arrow key to cancel retention if the symbol “HOLD” displays;

Data Search

Press the MEM key and the Arrow key to search data;

Overflow Display

Overflow available if being out of range: the symbol “OL A” displayed;

Zero-signal indication

The symbol “---” is shown if the controller can’t receive the signal from the HV detector;

Backlight Control

Available; ON / OFF means to open /close the backlight;

Alarm prompt

The controller can sound an alarm of “beep - beep – beep” if the measured value is more than the preset error. and press the Right arrow key to launch or stop the alarm function;

Auto power-off

Automatic power-off available after about 15 minutes as of starting;

Battery voltage

The low- voltage symbol is displayed to remind user to replace the battery if the battery voltage is lower than 4.8V;


controller:330g(including batteries)

HV detector:335g(including batteries)

LV current clamp:150g× 3

Total weight:10kg(including instrument box and the insulating rods)

Requirements on Interferences

No strong electromagnetic interference; no interference from 433MHz and 315MHz channel 

Operating temperature and humidity

-2545; less than 80%Rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-1060; less than 70%Rh  

Insulating rod size

Outer diameter φ32mm, inner diameter φ24mm,1m/piece, 5 pieces

Lead length ofLVcurrent clamp

2 m / Piece

Dielectric strength

AC100kV/rms between HV detector cover and the 5th insulating rod; the AC1000V/rms between the controller and theLVcurrent clamp shell between


Anti-leak type II (HV detector)


III Field Application
ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio tester

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