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ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter
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ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter ETCR4000A ETCR

Simultaneously measure two AC voltage, current, phase, frequency, phase sequence, power, power factor. Clamp Size: φ7.5mm×13mm, Phase: 0~360°, AC Current: 0.0mA~20.0A, AC Voltage: 0.00 V~600V, Active Power: 0.0W~12kW, with RS232 interface to download data, Data Storage: 1500 sets.

ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter
ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter
  ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter is a well-developed full-automatic, multi-functional, digital, intelligent meter specifically designed for field testing, which is a overall upgrade product based on mechanical knob phase volt-ampere meter, can simplify operation and reduce the possibility of misoperation, featuring high accuracy, high stability, low power consumption, easiness to use and so on. It can directly measure AC voltage and AC current without opening the measured circuit, phases between three voltages, three currents and phase between the voltage and current; in addition, the power factor and power of the circuit can be indirectly measured, it can also be used to distinguish three-phase sequence, transformer wiring group, inductive and capacitive circuits, test second circuit and bus differential protection systems, read the phase relationship between CTs of the differential protection, check the meter wiring right, repair lines and equipment, etc. Apply to electric power, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, railway, and meteorology, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, measurement sector and so on. Especially for the electricity billing system and relay protection system, and electricity measurement, electricity check,  power inspection for power marketing department. Assembling, relay protection, differential detection, start experiment, substation overhaul, or power practical training, skills match for biotech department.
ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter has well designed shell mould made of newest material, attach with shakeproof, skidproof, high insulation sheath, has a 240dots×160dots LCD screen, all the test data display on the screen simultaneously, vector diagram indication, and looks exquisite and comfortable. Meter equipped with USB-RS232 interface, can store 1500 sets of data, through the system software upload stored data to the computer, implementing online real-time monitoring and historical inquires, dynamic display. Can read, save, report, print history data, etc. Its small mouth clamps are suitable for line densely places.

Ⅱ.Technical Specifications

   Power Supply     DC 9V Zi-Mn dry battery LR14 1.5V 6 PCS
   Clamp    Φ8mm
   LCD    240dotsX160dots
   Range    Voltage:AC 0.00V~600V ;
   Current:AC 0.0mA~20.0A;    
   Active power:0.0W~12kW;    
   Reactive power :0.0VAR~12kVAR; 
   Apparent Power:0.0VA~12kVA;
   Power factor:-1~+1;        
     Resolution    Voltage:AC 0.01V
   Current:AC 0.1mA
   Active Power:0.1W
   Reactive power:0.1VAR
   Apparent Power:0.1VA
   Power factor:0.001
    Accuracy    ±0.5%
   Date Storage    1500 sets
   Data upload function    USB interface, the stored data upload computer, easy to analyze management data
   Auto Power-off    15 minutes off automatically
   Power Consumption    With backlight: MAX working Current about 70mA, the battery can work continuously for 8 hours
   without backlight:working current about 40mA,the battery can work continuously for 12 hours
   Working environment    -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh
   Store environment    -10℃~60℃;below 70%rh
   The phase range of the measured signal when measuring phase    Measuring U1-U2 phase: 30V ~ 500V
   When measuring U1-I2 or I1-U2 phase: 10V ~ 500V, 10mA ~ 10.00A
   Test line length    1.5m
   Current clamp length    2m
   measure time    2s/time
   Data Hold    Press the HOLD button during the test to hold the data, the "DH" symbol is displayed
   input resistance    Test voltage input impedance is:1MΩ
   When measuring U1U2 phase voltage input impedance is:40KΩ
   Low battery    When battery voltage decreases to about 7.2V, battery voltage low icon " "will display, reminding to replace battery.
   Withstanding Voltage    Between the instrument line and the shell to withstand 1000V / 50Hz sine wave AC voltage for 1 minute
   Insulation    Between the meter line and the jacket shell ≥ 100MΩ
   Structure    Double insulated, with insulated vibration-proof jacket
   Protection Type    IEC61010-1 CAT Ⅲ 600V,IEC61010-031,IEC61326,Pollution 2
   Weight    1140g
   Dimension    196mm×92mm×54mm

Model Comparison

   Model    Shift    Current Range    Vector illustration    Phase sequence diagram    Data storage                        (set)                        Communication Interface
   ETCR4000A    Auto    0.1mA~20.0A    Yes    Yes    1500    USB
   ETCR4200A    Auto    0.1mA~20.0A    Yes    Yes    1500    USB
   ETCR4300    Auto    0.1mA~20.0A    Yes    Yes    500    USB
   ETCR4700    Auto    0mA~400A    Yes    Yes    500    USB


   Package    outer packing    Carton
   inner packing    Aluminum case
   Accessory    Meter    1 PCS
   Clamp    2 PCS
   Test line    4 PCS
   Communication line    1 PCS
   CD    1 PCS
   Aluminum case    1 PCS
   Manual    1 PCS
   Warranty Card    1 PCS

Ⅲ.Field Application

1. Single-phase test

2. Three-phase four-wire test




3. Three-phase three-wire test

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