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ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester
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ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester ETCR2900 ETCR

equipotential connection resistance, ground condition. Adopting precise 3-wire or simple 2-wire method for ground resistance measurement. Audible and visible alarm indicator. The user can select RS232 or RS485 communication. Ground resistance range: 0-2000Ω.Ground voltage range: 0~600V AC

ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester
ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester
I.Brief introduction
ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester  is our company devotes ourselves to Grounding resistance test technical research’s another new high-tech product for more than ten years. Adopting precise 3-wire or simple 2-wire method for ground resistance measurement, average value rectification method for ground voltage measurement online testing and real-time monitoring. The user can select RS232 or RS485 communication, according to the protocol MODBUS, the user also can proceed secondary development, build network, realization of remote multipoint online monitoring etc.
ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester  composed of the detector and the monitoring software. The large LCD display of the detector is very intuitive. Setting the alarm thresholds and audible and visible alarm indicator are available. The material of the shell has the characteristic of resistance to high low temperature, corrosion prevention, inflaming retarding etc, ensure high-accuracy, high stability and high reliability of long time on-line monitoring outdoors, underground mine and indoors. The monitor software can real-time display the values of measured ground resistance and voltage. The user also can set the automatic monitoring interval time by the detector or the monitor software, the range of interval time is 1-999 hours. The automatic recording data can be generated reports, it is convenient to preservation, historical data query, print, analysis.
ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester  apply to transmission line tower grounding, underground mine equipment grounding, meteorological lightning proof grounding, petrochemical grounding, communication grounding, distribution substation grounding, railway equipment grounding, building warehouse grounding, electrical equipment grounding etc.
II. Technical Specification

On-line monitoring ground resistance, ground voltage, equipotential connection resistance, low resistance.
Power Supply
Standard: 12V±1VDC, 150mA Max.
Optional: 24V±1VDC.
Range Accuracy
(auxiliary ground resistance 100Ω±5%, voltage to ground<10V)
0.1Ω~200Ω 0.1Ω
0~600V AC ±1%rdg±3dgt 1V
Measure Mode
Precise 3-wire measurement, simple 2-wire measurement.
Measure Method
Ground resistance: rated current change-pole method, measured current 3mA Max, 820Hz;
Voltage to ground: average value rectification method.
Data Mode
Display Mode
4-digital super-large LCD.
Measuring Indicator
During measurement, LCD count down display.
LCD Size
Display field: 124mm×67mm.
L×W×H: 190mm×117mm×54mm.
Measure Rate
Voltage to ground: about 2 times/second; ground resistance: about 30 seconds/time.
Measure Times
Over 5000 times(Measuring 10Ω for one time and take a pause for 30s).
Line Voltage
Measuring voltage to ground: measuring below AC 600V.
Instrument Interface
Pluggable terminal blocks: 9 pin connector.
Communication Method
RS485 (or optional RS232).
Communication Line
USB to RS485 communication line( or optionalUSB to RS232 communication line).
Range Shift
Data Storage
400 sets, flash display FULL icon to indicate storage is full.
Interval Time
Range of automatic monitoring interval time: 1-999 h.
Data Access
Data read function: READ icon display.
Overflow Display
Exceeding measuring range overflow function: OL icon display.
Power Consumption
Backlit : 20mA Max.
Standby: 25mA Max.
Measurement: 70mA Max.
Audible and visible alarm.
Power supply Voltage
When power supply voltage decreases to about 7.8V,    will display, reminding to replace the power.
Detector: 450g.
Working Humiture
-10℃~40℃; below 80%rh.
Storage Humiture
- -20℃~60℃; below 70%rh.
Overload Protection
Measurement ground resistance: E-PE-C between each interfaces AC 280V/3 sec.
Insulation Value
Over 10MΩ(between circuit and enclosure 500V).
Withstand Voltage
AC 3700V/rms. (Between circuit and enclosure).
IEC61010-4-3,Radio frequency electromagnetic field≤1V/m.
Applicable Safety Rules
IEC61010-1, IEC1010-2-31, IEC61557-1,5, IEC60529(IP54), Pollution degree 2, CAT III 300V.

III. Field application

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