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New product---ETCR2000+ Earth Resistance Tester

We have update new produce----Earth Resistance Tester ETCR2000+ series.

This Earth Resistance Tester has got CE Certification.
Predominance of New Product---- ETCR2000+
ETCR2000Old product
ETCR2000+New product
Boot-strap Need 6 second for self-testing, easy to make mistake Self-testing in 0.5 second
Measuring range 0.01~1000Ω。 Wider range: 0.01~1200Ω
Data storage 30 groups 99 groups
sound and light alarm without "beep - beep - beep -" alarm sound
interference identification without Increase the interference signal recognition indicator
RS232 interface without RS232 interface
power dissipation Max:100mA Max: 50mA
Instrument Appearance Roughness, not good for operation Good look,  heavy building, easy to operation
Batteries Cover  Board No Fastening bolt, easy to lost Batteries Fastening bolt, safety, easy to change
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